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Bring your children to play at Family Place

It is a fun, safe place—and it’s free.

Your child will learn through play.

You will meet other families and make friends.

You can share parenting experiences.

The children enjoy art, music, games and learn social skills.

Learn new things from qualified staff and by attending parenting education programs


  1. A great resource in NW for families with kids under 5! So thankful and blessed by all the staff here. The first time I came, I was impressed by how they remembered every child’s name, even if it was their first time! Constantly encouraged in different ways by every staff member. Keep up the good work!

  2. I’ve been taking my boy to new west family place since he was learning to crawl in 2014! Now, I have my daughter and go with her too! I really like the cleanliness of the place and I feel the staff like my family! They are very nice, organized and caring about having a great environment for everyone!! Thank you for all the good things we have received from you !

  3. Hello there ! My name is Mikal . I live on 6th street 6tg avenue . I’ve got a 9 month old son. I’d like to bring him by but I’m not sure if children younger than 1 year old can come by. Any information you can give me would be so helpful!! . Thanks in advance !

  4. Hi Mikal – I hope you already got a response for this one but all babies are welcome!Just drop in anytime 🙂

  5. I hope you already got a reply to this! Please drop in anytime we are open! We encourage you to come earlier in the session so there is lots of play time before we break for snack and circle time! 🙂

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